The Devil Is A Part Timer Season 2 – Release Date & Expectations

The Devil Is A Part Timer Season 2 – Release Date & Expectations

The curtains came down as The final episode of the first season of Hataraku Maou-Sama  [translated into the devil is part timer] came to an end. A Product from the Japanese writer  Satoshi Wagahara and adapted by Whitefox, It makes people wonder as to how the mundane aspects of day to day life has been portrayed in an interesting and humorous manner.  The style of narration is surprisingly refreshing, told through the eyes of a demon king, Sadao Maou [Satan Jacob] the protagonist in the Anime.


The Devil Is A Part Timer Season 2 Updates!

The X- Factor 

Even though there are so many animes that have sprung up from the famed Japanese industry, there is something that sets this apart and has gained it a very loyal fan base which has led to the viewers wanting for more, rumors emerging frequently of a possible revival of the show into a second season.  13 episodes were not enough for the viewers which have led to calls from a lot of people for a possible production of a second season of The Devil Is A Part Timer.

Plot summary 

The first season began with the demon lord who is the protagonist of the series. He seeks to conquer the stereotypical fantasy world of Ente Isla, but all his attempts are thwarted by the hero Emi Yusa. The king is forced to retreat to a mystical wormhole which leads him to the modern day Tokyo. He now is a poor man who has no job, no experience but a burning desire to be useful wherever he goes.  He is accompanied by his faithful general Shirō Ashiya [Alciel] as they find out ways to return back to their kingdom. Meanwhile, he works at a fast food restaurant McRonald, which is highly reminiscent of McDonald’s.

The hero comes to Tokyo to destroy the demon lord but he also loses all his powers and is forced to work as a call center agent.  As the story moves on, there is more than it meets the eye, herein being that the story moves on to more of being a dark and serious nature of a humorous setup. The demon king soon realizes the fact that his goal of conquering Ente Isla is not the only thing as he blends into a normal life of a human.  The rest of the show is about the personalities of the characters, their moral values and how it impacts their day to day lives.

Characters In The Devil Is A Part Timer Season 2

The characters are fairly one dimensional with the entirety of the back story revolving around the lead characters. There are so many positive elements which make it an overall enjoyable experience

There are namely

  1. Sadao Maou, The demon king. ( the protagonist)
  2. Emi Yusa, The main heroine of the series.
  3. Shirō Ashiya, one of Satan’s Generals.
  4. Chiho Sasaki, a high school student who is a friend of Sadao.
  5. Hanzō Urushihara, popularly known as Lucifer.
  6. Suzuno Kamazuki, Sadao’s neighbor.

Alongside with their screen presence, at times we get to sympathize with them, at some instances we take them as some stupid idiots, we want to see them get stormed-over more, and so on. On short, we want more of each and every single one of them, albeit in a pleasant scenario.

It’s one of those rare moments where the stupid characters in some series aren’t annoying. The catch is that they are not mainstream. They are totally unique, and their stupidity is different and unique as well. It reaches levels far beyond.

The various aspects of day to day life such as household work, part-time job, and most importantly the common dilemma faced by people in the contemporary times, the deadline to pay rent on time are told in a hilarious way. Particularly full marks to have it portrayed by a hapless demon god who is struggling as a human and how the audience see it through his eyes.

What to expect in The Devil Is A Part Timer Season 2?

The Devil Is A Part Timer series ended on a high note which wanted the viewers to crave for more. This is usually a norm with respect to all the successful series. As the first season was a big hit amongst all the fans and viewers alike, there has been a lot of speculations with respect to how the second will turn out to be. But some of them have come to believe that there won’t be a second season of The Devil Is A Part Timer as there have been no official announcements from the studios.

The possible flow of the story may be as follows

In the second season of The Devil Is A Part Timer, the demon king might concentrate more on his corporate ambitions and seeks to achieve a lot and uses his magic for the development of the people. The do-better image that he acquires is to be concentrated on more as the first season was built on the personalities of these characters. However, writing has to be emphasized on as any slip-ups would render futile the efforts of such an impressive series.

The emotional aspects of the various characters have to be tuned so that the series moves into a different angle. The perspective though will differ. I have always seen the nature of the story unfold as a shift from genres. As already been stated, the story moved from being a dark and serious affair to a comical one. This is what set it apart from other similar series of the fantasy action genre.

That being said, the moral angle has to be carried forward and dealt with more.The morality of the characters, which made the viewers question as to who the hero and who the villain was in itself one of the highlights that made the show a hit amongst people. The story revolved around the main characters, and the Ente Isla on which the series was based on has to be explored, and more look in has to be given by the writers of the series.

On the whole, it has to be an enthralling experience which should make the viewers look for further installments, spanning future series as good as the first one. So what you are thinking about The Devil Is A Part Timer Season 2? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.


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